What Is Natural Movement

Natural Movement reconnects you to your innate ability to be strong, flexible and deeply healthy.

Natural Movement is a study of practical, real-world movement. It is a rehabilitation, fitness and lifestyle program grounded in the knowledge that healthy movement gets to the root of our problems. It will change how you move—and more.

See inside the Intrinsi Natural Movement Centre and try this short warm up sequence to feel the benefits of natural movement.


Our movement patterns tend to have become limited and inefficient over time. We have spent so much of our lives sitting still, not moving enough, driving too much. And the cure for sitting at our desks is not sitting at a workout machine. The cure is to move naturally through the world, and to learn to do so comprehensively, holistically and mindfully: this is Natural Movement. In fact, our natural human movements are our strengthening and conditioning programs. And that’s what we focus on at The Intrinsi Natural Movement Centre.  To see what we cover in class click here.

The core of our movement classes is practising the full range of natural movements. And Natural Movement or MovNat skills support our physical competence in all other activities. Our bodies are designed for these skills: crawling, balancing, throwing, jumping, climbing, walking, running and carrying.

Natural Movement takes practice. It’s a process of rehabilitation and reclamation—rehabilitating your habitual movement patterns, and reclaiming your inherent movement potential. It can’t be done overnight. It takes time. That is why we require a minimum commitment of four months.

During that time, we create a relationship through which we teach you and help you practice. The Intrinsi Natural Movement Centre offers a safe and controlled environment for this practice. We focus on you, your needs and your abilities. We prescribe movements that naturally correct and support your structural health.

You will be delighted by how your body responds to practising MovNat Natural Movement.

    • You will unlock your body’s intrinsic ability to move easily and with strength.
    • You will find that everything from getting out of bed, to hopping on your bike, to playing with your children—yes, even to sitting at your desk—will feel different.
    • You will find your health, vitality and mental clarity deeply restored.
    • You will see profound, lasting structural improvements.

At Intrinsi we follow the ‘MovNat’ method of training.  Click here to learn more about MovNat.

 More than anything, you will experience the reality of reaching beyond your limits.