Natural Movement Center Class Types

The classes we offer at Intrinsi’s Natural Movement Centre

  • Unlock the body’s natural ability to move easily and with strength.
  • Recognize natural human movement as the very best strengthening and conditioning program.
  • Help you discover the delight of being physically confident and competent.

And . . . the classes are so much fun!

We offer four levels of training, progressing from one to the next. We have a class that will work best for you, regardless of your current fitness level or previous injuries.

We meet you where you are. And then together we move to improve. Whether you feel young or old, whether you’re a trained athlete or a couch potato, you will begin to move more capably, more efficiently and with less risk of injury.


What’s the difference between the four levels?

At each level, we do many of the same basic human movements: crawling, balancing, carrying, getting up from the floor, and hanging. But we do them in progressively more challenging ways.

Take hanging . . . We hang at every class level, but we hang differently.

  • At the Foundations level, you probably won’t be able to hang from above. We work on shoulder mobility and grip strength. We build up to a supported hang in which you keep your feet on the ground so that you don’t have your full body weight hanging from your hands.
  • At the Explore level, you’ll be holding more and more of your body weight even if you’re still in a supported hang. You’ll start to activate your rib cage, and your back and arm muscles. You’ll build up to hanging for a full 60 seconds (which may sound easy but is actually a significant accomplishment).
  • At Level 1, you can hang comfortably for 60 seconds or longer. We work on proper form, and we introduce movement—swinging, moving the hands while hanging, and eccentric pull-ups in which you lower yourself from the top position.
  • At Level 2, you can do a pull-up, and you can hang for 90 seconds. You may even be able to pop up onto the bar, and climb right over. Again we work on perfecting your form. And we practice lifting different fingers off the bar, hanging with one arm, and traversing through space while hanging.

When you choose a class, you must begin at the level where you really are. Starting at the level where you wish you were is a recipe for injury. Be honest with yourself and with us. Never doubt that if you start from your real foundation, you will be able to build on it. You will get stronger, healthier, and more physically confident. We’ve worked with Olympic athletes and with people who’ve barely ever moved, and we’ve seen them all improve. We can work with you.

We will help you find the class that will help you most.

And with our introductory four-class pass you can begin to achieve your health and fitness goals immediately. Get a pass and come see what we’re about.

We look forward to moving with you!