Natural Movement Centre | FAQ

Each class begins with five minutes of body awareness exercises. They include breathing exercises, qi gong methods and gentle stretching. They help you tune in to how your body is doing, and create a safe foundation for the more active part of the class.

The core of the class consists of functional, natural movements. These are the movements at which everyone should be proficient. They include crawling, balancing, throwing, jumping, climbing, walking, running and carrying.

You’ll learn to move smarter—and you’ll get a sweat out of it! Your instructor will create a fun, enjoyable program. The focus will be on timeless movement principles whose purpose is to challenge and strengthen you, so that you achieve your fitness goals and avoid re-injury.

Each class will end with another five minutes of body awareness.  By doing this you’ll notice the changes that have occurred in your body.  These exercises help you integrate the work you’ve done and gives your body a chance to release any stress that’s built up during the training so that your recovery is quicker and your muscles ache less.

At the Intrinsi Natural Movement Centre, we do not ask you to fill out a long intake form when you become a client.

Instead, we ask our intake questions when we meet you in person during our initial discovery session.

As we learn more about your individual situation, we may not need to ask all these questions, and we may need to ask some that are not listed here.

What are your fitness goals?

Why are your goals important to you?

What are your daily nutrition habits?

What are your energy levels during the day?

Are you taking any medications or supplements right now?

Do you have any health concerns or medical issues we should be aware of?

You can join The Natural Movement Centre on a 4, 8 or 12 month membership.

We don’t offer drop-in classes because they don’t give us the chance to get to know you. And we want to get to know you, to be part of your journey. We want to help you achieve lasting, lifelong changes. According to researchers at the University College London, it take much more than 21 days to create a new habit. In fact, it can take anywhere from 66 to 254 days. For that reason, we require a minimum commitment of four months. And that’s four months of us both being committed to achieving your goals.

A good work out doesn’t require machines, it requires great instructors who teach a great method. Machines are based on linear, non functional movement patterns. Our bodies do not move in a linear fashion in every day life. A machine is a poor replacement for exercising in a practical, natural way. A good exercise program should be based on re establishing our innate movement abilities.

Yes. You can purchase a 4 class pass to discover the benefits of Natural Movement fitness. The 4 class passes enables you to join a small group class (max 6 people per class). You can choose between Foundation Level, Level 1 or Level 2, for your trial. Once you’ve bought a pass you have one month to use your 4 classes. We’ll get you scheduled at the times that work for you. None of our classes are drop in classes so we’ll need to get you scheduled for your 4 sessions. After your 4 sessions you can join a 4, 8 or 12 month program in either a small or a large group class.

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