About Us

By Ed & Lucy Paget, the founders of Intrinsi

In this, our story, we want to tell you about

  • Our mission to deliver ‘ah-ha’ moments that create understanding, inspire change and promote healing;
  • Delivering health
  • and Ease in movement through our treatments;
    and our passion for being green.

Our story begins at the British School of Osteopathy in London. It’s where Lucy and Ed met and studied for four years, both of us coming to osteopathy after previous degrees: Lucy had received a degree in cultural studies from McGill university and Ed had a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Exeter University. From there, after a bit of searching, Lucy took a leap into teaching yoga, which led her to osteopathy. Ed used his degree to work with sports teams and then, through personal experience getting help with a knee injury, he too discovered osteopathy.

In the UK people know osteopathy mainly as something to help with a bad back and as such we felt as though many of the osteopaths had stopped treating the whole body and were slowly turning into just back pain specialists. We were and are passionate about the holistic nature of osteopathy. We didn’t want to be pigeon-holed into treating only one condition.

In 2007 we set off for Calgary – a new frontier for osteopathy – to see what we could create in a year: if nothing much came of the experiment, we would at the very least have had an adventure and could return to England to settle there. Within just a short time, however, our practice was full and we’ve happily stayed. What started as a temporary adventure has become our lives.

Intrinsi has grown from its beginnings with just the two of us, to having a full team of osteopaths and full support staff. Somewhere along the way, we also found the time to get married and have a couple of gorgeous children (Nina and Jago)!

In the time that we’ve been here, we’ve heard many stories from people who are in pain about what they’ve done to help themselves. Over and over we’ve listened to their frustrations and have found that there were two common themes:

People were not having the root causes of their problems addressed or explained.
People were not being given functional exercises to do at home to maintain the benefits of the treatment.

We realised we needed to show our clients WHY their bodies had gotten into trouble so that they could understand the root cause of their illness or injury. We love showing people how interconnected the body is. We love it when people say “Ah-ha, now I get it”. It is very gratifying when people understand – and feel – how a tight hip has caused a shoulder injury or how relaxed their jaw feels after we’ve worked on their shoulders. That kind of “ah-ha moment” is empowering for patients because understanding why something has happened means they can do something about it.

These experiences with what our patients missed elsewhere and what they appreciated from us has informed our practice. Our mission is to deliver health and to educate people about just how amazing their bodies are.

As our clinic has grown we’ve kept our standards high by hiring great people and continuing our professional education and training as a team. Every week the whole team meets and we have educational lectures that range from clinical to spiritual matters. These keep us engaged with learning, connected to our Calgary community of fellow practitioners and keep our minds open to new ideas and discoveries.

We are passionate about creating and maintaining high environmental standards for our clinic because we feel that a place of healing should be healthy to walk into. It’s our continued commitment to demonstrate our respect for our clients and the land and air around us by creating a healthy environment.

We want our clinic’s ambience to be one of health, community and learning.

We’ve worked with eco-designers and specialists in interior design to use paints that don’t put any fumes into our air – in fact – even better than that, we have plants on our vertical walls to clean the air! We have clay on some walls to help regulate the humidity. In addition we serve delicious organic teas with health-giving benefits and offer products that support healthy lifestyles beyond our clinic doors. As well as all the things we’ve done inside the clinic to be green we even have a community garden for our practitioners to grow their own food through the summer months.

We truly hope that we can help you reconnect with your health, help you to move freely and to understand the interconnected nature of your body through treatment that addresses not only the places that hurt but the places that have contributed to the problem.

Ed & Lucy